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Asthma Management in Schools

This survey aims to understand the barriers and facilitators to providing asthma self-management education (AS-ME) curriculum in schools. Examples of AS-ME curriculum include the following: Open Airways for Schools, Kickin’ Asthma, Let’s Take Control of Asthma, Power Breathing, and You Can Control Asthma Brief AS-ME, among others. These examples are shown to meet national asthma guideline care standards for AS-ME. AS-ME is formal content often delivered by a trained professional in 2-5 sessions to cover a set of best practices shown to improve and sustain asthma control. Common elements of AS-ME curriculum include:

  • assessing asthma control,
  • education of lung or asthma physiology,
  • knowledge of controller and rescue medication types and use,
  • confirming skills in inhaler and spacer use, symptom recognition and control, and
  • identification and avoidance of asthma triggers.

Please contact Emily Groebner at Professional Data Analysts (PDA) if you have questions about this survey, egroebner@pdastats.com. Please contact Karen Casper, PhD, at the Vermont Department of Health if you have questions about AS-ME, Karen.Casper@vermont.gov.